Monday, January 26, 2015


by Kate Collins

We have three winners in my poster contest, and here they are!
Kathy Grater Meik
Debbie A Glover
Mary Hall

CONGRATULATIONS, ladies!  You will each receive an autographed copy of A ROOT AWAKENING just as soon as my assistant can get them in the mail. You should have them a week before they appear on bookshelves.

Thanks to everyone who participated. In November I’ll have another poster contest for FLORIST GRUMP.  Watch for that announcement on Facebook, too.
A big thanks to my virtual assistant Jason Eberhardt (who happens to be my very talented son) for designing and executing the posters.  I really couldn’t decide which ones were my favorites but I was leaning toward “You Are My Sunshine,” which is Marco’s saying, or “Darkest Day – Meet Abby Knight,” which I think is so clever! They're all up on my Facebook page. But I really love them all. And today the newest one is up, which I also love, about the mysterious Rosa.

Winners – don’t give her away before the book is released! Remember, Mum’s the Word!

Just a quick plug for my assistant: If you are promoting anything and need help, Jason is amazing – and quite reasonable. You can email him for more info: His website is under construction and should be up soon. It will list all his author/PR services with prices and packages.

Again, thanks to all of you who shared the posters and voted on your favorite. If you’d like to comment here which one you liked best, I’d love to read them.

It's almost time for
A ROOT AWAKENING. I’m so excited!


Unknown said...

I can relate to Jason's website being under construction. Being a carpenter, my house is always the last to receive attention. It must hold true in web design. Thanks for the chuckle.

Miss Merry said...

LOL - my husband is a plumber. I totally relate to the under construction! He is always busy doing everyone else's list. Lovely posters.

Kate Collins said...

So true, Robert and Miss Merry. He's doing everyone else's projects and doesn't have time for his own!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners! Well done!