Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Organized or You got to be kidding!

It’s a new year and ever January I make the same attempt to get more organized. Just one little thing I tell myself can make a huge difference.

If I put all that tax mail in one place I won’t be running around like a chicken with my head cut off on April 15th.

If I can just put all my notes in one notebook instead of post-its all over my computer and wall I won’t be crawling around on the ground for that phone number for the plumber.

If I just put all the things to mail in a basket they wouldn’t get kicked under my desk, lost behind the computer, crunched under my office chair.

I guess this makes me pretty much of a chaos person...actually a hopeless chaos person. I finally got all my fav recipes stuffed into the front of my fav cookbook. I bought one of those picture binders to put them in but buying the book was as far as I got to organizing them.

As for balancing my checkbook I gave that up years ago. I figure the bank can add and subtract...least I hope they can. When I go into the bank the tellers weep.

As I’m writing this I’m trying really hard to think of one...just one advantage of being a member of the chaos club. Maybe it lets me think out of the box...mostly because I can’t find the box.

So why am I like this? It’s got to be genetic that’s all I can figure. Some relative in my distant past had to have a head of spaghetti just like mine...probably the same person who gave me the no musical talent gene and made it impossible for me to jump and clap at the same time.

So what about you? Are you one of those neat-nicks or a member of the Where the heck did I put that club? Do you know where your keys are right now? Do you know how much is in your checking account? If you had to write something could you find a pencil or would you have to hunt one up?

If you are one of the organized people I so envy you and the big question did you get that way?

Hugs from Duffy

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