Friday, January 2, 2015

Nose to the grindstone?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I started the month of  December with grand plans to write 30,000 words on the new Booktown Mystery (#10 -- which I'm calling A Not-So-Fond Farewell. Who knows what the Marketing Dept. of Penguin will decide to call it).  I made it through the first 7 days of the month with my plan intact,and then got caught up in the holiday RUSH!

Except ... I didn't.

I put up my tree (which took three days to decorate), but then I worked on getting the new book (With Baited Breath, out on Tuesday) ready for publication. That seemed to take a VERY L-O-N-G TIME.  Then we put together the print version of my collection of (prequel) Jeff Resnick short stories, EVOLUTION: Jeff Resnick's Backstory.

Then all of a sudden it was Christmas week and I was shopping, and baking, and cooking, and cleaning and ...

I started working on a short story in the evenings ...

Then all of a sudden it was my Mother's birthday and I was cooking and cleaning and ...

I finished my short story ...

Then all of a sudden it was New Year's Eve. 

Now here we are at January 2nd and I still haven't hung up my new calendars.  And I started the year off wrong because ... If you have a messy office on January 1st, you're doomed to have a messy office the whole year. Mine looks like a warehouse with bookmarks, postcards, books, CDs, and piles and piles of paper.

But ... I'm going back to work on Monday.  On the new Booktown Book.  No excuses.  (Maybe.)  But not in my office.  I can't work there--it's too cluttered.  I'll be in the nice and tidy (but cold) living room  with my laptop and an granny-square afghan.

Did December go buy in a flash for you, too?

Meanwhile, have a happy New Year -- let's hope it's a good one for all of us!

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