Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year, More Books!

by Leann

All the Cozy Chicks will have new books this year--and that is great news. Some of us will have more than one. That's not me. It's an energy thing. Writing is a very labor intensive endeavor and one book a year is about all I can manage. But in August, The Cat, The Sneak and The Secret will be released. My editor loved it and I sure hope readers do, too.

But there is additional good news. I have a new contract for two more Cats in Trouble mysteries after the August release and I am busy writing up a synopsis. I will be doing a lot of thinking, in other words. Then comes the research, the first 50 pages and a complete reworking of the plot after that. That's my method and I'm sticking to it!

It doesn't end there. Audible has picked up not only the 2014 book, The Cat, The Vagabond and The Victim, but the next three books as well. Thank you, Amazon/Audible, for making these titles available to everyone. Audio books have always been very important to me for many reasons. As for when the 2014 book will be out on audio, your guess is as good  as mine. Audible gives no warning to me! All of a sudden it's just there. So stay tuned.

I am so thrilled I will get to write in such a nice, healthy home for the first time in a long time. The last 3 books were partly or completely written in the rent house from hell. I was pretty down in that awful place and now my world is much brighter! Don't know if that will make my brain cells fire better, but I hope so!

For those readers in the South Carolina area, I will be signing at Fiction Addiction in Greenville on Tuesday, January 13th at 6:30 and this includes a panel discussion with 3 other local writers. I am told there is a $10 door fee but that can be used toward store credit. I might see some of you there!!
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