Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kitten Moves

by Leann

Lynley, the tuxedo kitten I adopted a little more than a week ago, has sure made himself at home already. For a baby who hadn't really played with toys before, we only had to work on that for about a day before he was totally into everything. It was as if he wanted to play with all the toys at once.

The biggest surprise is how our dog has welcomed this guy. Lynley jumps all over Rosie, the labradoodle. He wraps his paws around her legs, jumps on her, bites her fur, plays with her tags and Rosie just lets him. This is the first cat she has ever accepted and actually played with. It's very funny to watch.

Wexford isn't keen on the new kitten yet. But he now stays in the room, watching carefully, and has even gotten within a foot of the interloper. But he is not happy and refused to eat for two days. Jealous much? Oh yeah. But that was expected. He'll get over it eventually.

The first four or five days Lynley stayed pretty close to me, but now he's everywhere. RUNNING everywhere. It's so cute to hear him race down the hall to the litter box like a pre-schooler who can't hold it any longer. He stays in the guest bathroom at night because, well, I can't trust him and Wexford needs that time alone with me. Wexford is still my sweet boy, but he will never be an alpha. Lynley has already shown that's his job. But getting a busy kitten into that bathroom at bedtime is getting to be more difficult each day. He's like a greased pig and lightning fast.

The other fun things are ones I haven't experienced in a long time:

1. The sideways walk
2. The butt wiggle
3. Gulping food like he hasn't eaten in a week rather than about an hour ago.
4. Instant sleep.
5. The snuggling on my chest.
6. Clumsy attempts to climb on stuff resulting in hilarious failure.

Yes, there has been a lot of laughter around here. What about you? What's the most fun thing about getting a new pet? 
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