Friday, January 23, 2015

It's all fish to me!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Here in Western New York, we have a thing called the Friday Fish Fry. A lot of places have beer-batter fish fries, and it's no secret that my favorite place to go is in East Aurora, NY. A restaurant known as Tony Rome's Globe Hotel. OMG -- it's de-lish. (And it's available every day of the week!)  Google "Buffalo fish fry" and guess what?  One of my photos comes up. This one, in fact. (My favorite local watering hole, where the martinis come with sidecars, Bernard's Grove , has a pretty darn good fish fry, too.)  But most Friday's Mr. L makes the fish dinner.

My brother is going on some kind of screwy diet, but at least it says he should eat fish. So yesterday we went in search of fish to the Rochester Public Market.  I bought three HUGE slabs of cod for ten bucks.  Then we went to my favorite little market (Gates Big M) where I like to buy meat, and I bought more cod.  You see, the little guy sells cod for $5 a pound cheaper than our big local chain. (I love Wegmans, but man is their fish expensive.)  Guess what.  The $5 cheaper a pound fish tastes just as good. So we're good to go for the next couple of weeks.

(BTW, I've been in other parts of the state--and across the country--and the fish is dirt cheap.  What's with that?)

My former workmate, Jean C. (Hi, Jean!) was married to a chef at the same company where we worked.  She told me how her husband cooked fish.  "Just put come mayonnaise in a bowl, toss in some dill weed,  spread it over the fish, and bake. Then broil for the last minute or so." So with those minuscule instructions, Mr. L figured out how to make a wonderful Friday night dinner. We use cod, Sorry I don't have a real recipe.  Mr. L wings it about 35-40 weeks of the year. The other 10-12 weeks a year click this link and it's essentially the recipe.  Here's a video to show you how

Fish is supposed to be really good for you (and me!). What's your favorite fish recipe?

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