Wednesday, January 14, 2015 it or leave it.

We the Chicks have been talking about exercise amongst ourselves and how writing and plopping our sorry out-of-shape selves behind a computer like we do...and so many others do is no way to live a long life.

That means we got to get up and do something...anything to not get writers’ butt along with a ton of other ailments.

So the question is what to do? Going to the store for a bag of Oreos or just one more sprinkle doughnut doesn’t work...I’ve tried that exercise.

Cleaning the house they say is a pretty good workout but I’ve only gotten that info second hand.

Some of the Chicks were talking about the Leslie Sansone walking tapes. I thought this sounded familiar and sure enough there it was in the back of my closet dusty and unopened. It’s the Big Burn tape. I probably bought it because the title reminded me of steak or Cajun or maybe an unfortunate hamburger that I’d eat anyway.

Treadmilling was also mentioned as an option...and of course I have one of those too. I stack my books on it, hang a cat toy from it for Dr. Watson and Spooky and use it for drying sweaters. So I do use the treadmill but I don’t think my way  counts.

Some talked gym membership and that’s always a good idea ‘cause it takes me past the Milford Bakery and the ice cream shop. But the problem with the gym is I keep putting it off. I’m great at finding excuses to Go Tomorrow! Soooo, I never go.

My daughters tried to get me to the gym by telling me I could get a new outfit. I’m a sucker for a new outfit, I think it’s half the reason I started hiking...I like the vest and matching hat.

The only thing that works for me is Zumba ‘cause it’s a class and I have to be there and it’s a sweaty workout so I don’t have to look good. I often wear my same sweaty clothes as they will just get sweated up again. I don’t bother to comb my hair or do makeup as it will just get sweated off. The reason Zumba woks for me is I have to be there at a specific time. There is no putting it off. And if I don’t go I forget the steps and look like a total spaz...even more of a spaz than usual.

With Zumba everyone is so busy watching the instructor they don’t have time to look at the old gal in the corner sweating like a stuck pig. I’ve been waiting 6 years for that burst of energy that’s supposed to come after exercising. It NEVER happens!! I mean never! I go home and pass out on the couch like a dead fish.

I’ve been doing Zumba for a while now, have a Zumba butt that looks okay in jeans but I still have middle rolls that are here to stay unless I want to give up those Oreos and doughnuts.

So what about you? Do you Love exercise or Leave it? Do you have tapes? Do the gym? Walk? Run? Zumba? Walk the dog. Drag the cat? Forget the whole mess? 

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