Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back On The Straight And Narrow

by Maggie Sefton

Ahhhhh, yes.  The Straight and Narrow.  We all know what I'm referring to, even if everyone has another name for it.  I'm talking about getting back on a Healthy Eating and Exercise routine.  As much as I love my favorite holidays---Thanksgiving and Christmas---they create havoc with my "regular" routines, particularly the healthy eating and working out.

Maybe you folks are made of sterner stuff, but I confess I am really susceptible to snacking on holiday candies, cookies, and other yummy treats while I'm visiting family and old friends.  This month, I started my holiday travel early, flying off on December 18th for Houston, Texas to visit daughter Serena and fiance Jeff for a few days.  While there, I helped them prepare for Serena's annual Christmas Tree Decorating party.  Of course, that  entailed making some delicious treats to serve.  The guests also brought dishes to share, so there were tempting calorie-laden goodies everywhere you, uh, I turned.

Then I flew off for Northern Virginia/DC Metro area to spend the days before Christmas at daughter Christine's home in Vienna, Va.  It was a full house, believe me.  Not only my daughter and son-in-law Tim plus three of my four grandchildren but my in-laws were also there.  :)  And, boy did we have food---especially for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  And that doesn't even include the holiday baking.   Plus, daughters Melissa and Maria joined us.

Of course, I have to admit I am guilty of adding to the holiday calorie count  because I had already made lots of my chocolate mint fudge and mailed it to all my family members before I mailed the boxes of gifts.  So-----everywhere I turned, there was my tempting fudge.  Daughter Maria, a former U.S. Navy officer, calls it "Weapons Grade."

If you haven't gotten back on the Straight and Narrow yet, the recipe for Maggie's Chocolate Mint Fudge is included in the 6th Kelly Flynn mystery, FLEECE NAVIDAD, also the COZY CHICKS KITCHEN.   Enjoy!  :)  
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