Friday, January 9, 2015

All cracked up!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Ever since I can remember, I've started my day with a cup of tea. There's something comforting in pouring that first cup of the day. It makes life worthwhile, even on the darkest of days. A cup of tea makes a nice dessert into a spectacular one.  Takes a piece of chocolate to the next level.

But for a period of about three years, I couldn't drink tea at all.  I couldn't eat anything that had any kind of acid.

That was a tough three years.

And then ... one day ... poof!  My stomach troubles just ended.  Yeah, just like that. And I could drink tea again.

A few years back, Mr. L bought me a lovely shamrock teapot from the local Irish store. Poor thing had to sit there with cobwebs for those three years, but then suddenly it was back in action! I wasn't drinking tea on a daily basis, but at least a couple of times a week.

But then fall 2014 came and I started drinking tea every day again. (And loving it!)  Alas, Mr. Shamrock Teapot was getting stressed, but I didn't realize it until last week.  I went to make a pot of tea and -- hello! -- it looked like Mr. Teapot had been splattered by some really nasty grease.  As Mr. L and I don't cook with a lot of oil (and certainly don't have a deep fat fryer), it took me a few moments to figure out what was going on.

Mr. Teapot was suffering from a multitude of stress fractures. Yup, like a skater who trains too much, Mr. Teapot was going to have to retire.


This was kind of heartbreaking, as just the week before I'd had to retire Mr. Electric Teakettle, a dear friend I've had since I first moved out on my own (mumble, mumble) years ago.  My Dad had rescued him from the junk heap just a few days before he fell ill for the last time by replacing the cord, and that's what killed him (the kettle, not my Dad). The cord melted, and boy was I glad it was plugged into the ground fault breaker socket. Luckily, I had a spare.  (Well, actually two.)

Ahem. So, I like to be prepared for any emergency. It just so happens that I have at least four other teapots.  Of course, two of them are "good china" ones, that will probably never be used, but I also had a couple waiting in the wings that I planned to give away during Teacup Tuesday .... whenever I get around to resuming that charming ritual on my own blog.

I'm back in business and drinking my tea once more.

Do you get sentimental about cups, teapots, and small electrical appliances?
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