Sunday, December 7, 2014

Whoever Invented THIS, I Love You!

by Leann

I guess I have to start by saying I am allergic to EVERYTHING. And have been
for most of my life. We, like most of the country, had carpet in our homes for many years. But because of my dust allergy, not to mention the chemical make-up of most carpeting, we decided to have wood floors and tile in the new house. I also need to say that Rosie, our lovely little hyper dog, is a labradoodle. She wasn't supposed to shed. That's why we chose that breed. Again, because of the allergies. Well, she sheds worse than any cat I've ever

The dog hair--now that I can see it since it's not imbedded in carpet--rolls around this house like tumbleweed. How can one little dog shed SO MUCH?? I brush her and garner a bushel of her hair and still I've got more to gather up everywhere. And that's why I want to thank the person who invented the Swiffer--in all its many forms.

Proctor & Gamble should call me to do a commercial! I just bought the newest one that rolls the hair and dirt into a small container. Love it. Bending over is hard for me, so this does save my back. These Swiffers must be making the company a fortune. And not a small fortune. They glide so easily, work so well. The only thing I want to say to you, P&G, is PLEASE make as many unscented little cloths as you do the ones with all that perfume on them. See, I'm allergic to the smelly stuff, too! 

Anyone else love their Swiffer products (and yes I have the duster,too, for those ceiling fans) as much as I do?
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