Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Hangover

by Maggie Sefton

Photos were taken in the Clarendon area of Arlington, Virginia.  Above is one of the new taverns, cafes, coffee shops, and boutique stores that fill the area now----

My apologies to Everyone for this delayed post.  Blame it on too much---way too much---Holiday eggnog.  :)  And, of course, late night travel and return home.  So, I sleep in.  Mea culpa.

Yesterday, Monday, was a VERY long travel day.  I was up at 4:40am because I was staying with my dear friends from childhood, and they were leaving at 5:30am for a very long travel day themselves as they drove from Vienna, VA (in Northern VA) all the way down to their Florida getaway home in Palm Coast, Florida.  We hugged goodbye and I zoomed off to Vienna's main drag and stopped in for a  nice cuppa (that's hot tea) at the neighborhood Mickey D's.  Then I treated myself to a big breakfast at one of those family places.  Yum, yum.  Way too many calories, and that's just too bad.    

I spent the rest of the day before my evening flight driving around the Northern VA area and visiting bookstores.  The staffs recognize me since I'm back in my old Hometown area frequently, so it's good to chat.  Also, in the process of visiting bookstores, I always take a "cruise" down the mains streets of the totally re-done, totally trendy and cool Clarendon shopping area in the northern section of Arlington where I grew up.  That was a cute shopping center  several blocks long back in my childhood, all the stores were two-stories then.  :)  Now it's filled with tons of great cafes and shops.  I do love to see the renovations and rejuvenation of an area.  It's given it a new life, for sure.  Heck, it even merits 2 (two) stops on the
Washington area Metro Line:  Courthouse Road and Clarendon.  

The third photo I couldn't resist taking.  It's the only remnant from the Old Days.  Some of you remember the old White Tower or White Tavern mini-restaurants years ago.  They made these little hamburgers with grilled onions over the top.  I can still remember how delicious they tasted.  Do any of you remember them?  What were your favorite childhood places?


lavendersbluegreen said...

There are still Krystal's restaurants with those little burgers. We don't have any here in Seattle but I know they have them in TN and all over the South...

Diane said...

Was White Castle the same as White Tower? I remember one in Worcester, Ma. the building looked the same.

Maggie Sefton said...

lavendersbluegreen---Forgive the delayed reply. I've never noticed that name when I've been driving around the South, but I may simply not have noticed it.

Maggie Sefton said...

Yes, White Castle was the other name but the buildings looked the same as White Tower: small small white buildings with a peaked dark green roof. :)