Saturday, December 6, 2014


    By Mary Kennedy                     
 What happens when eight mystery writers get together and have a Jingle Bell Bash? Plenty, and you don't want to miss the fun. There's going to be lots of cozy chit-chat. We want to hear all about how you're celebrating the holidays and we want to hear about your pets. In fact, we want to hear anything you have to tell us.
If you've been following our daily blogs, you know that the Cozy Chicks have a lot in common.
We love pets, both real and fictional. We tend to feature pets in our books whenever we can and we always emphasize how much pets add to our lives.
Of course, we love cozy mysteries; we love to read them, love to write them and love to chat about them. What else do we love? We love YOU, dear reader.
Are you curious about us? Are there things you'd like to know? We'll be tossing around fun facts about the Cozy Chicks at our holiday bash. Here are a few questions to get you in the mood.
This best-selling author is at the top of her game. If I said the word "LOTUS," would you guess her name? Which Chick is it?
Eight times eight is sixty-four. Teaching was fun but writing opened another door. Which Chick is it?
A cat needs a place to rest his head, and in this author's books, someone always ends up dead! Which Chick is it?
So here's your invitation to the Jingle Bell Bash coming up this Wednesday from noon to 2:00 pm.
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See you on Wednesday!! Happy holidays, everyone.
 Mary Kennedy


Nancy said...

Lorraine Bartlett writes the new Lotus series. I believe Ellery Adams was a teacher and Leanne Sweeney is a devoted cat person in her life and in her fiction.

mary kennedy said...

Nancy, you're right!! I was actually thinking of Kate Collins as the "teacher" (she taught elementary school) but Ellery was a teacher too. I think we need to make you an honorary chick!

Leann Sweeney said...

Thanks so much for featuring this picture of my sweet baby Marlowe. He's playing on the bridge, healthy and whole at last.

mary kennedy said...

That's exactly the way I think of him, Leann. Such an adorable cat and you took wonderful care of him.

Lynda Turpin said...

I'll definitely try to pop in before I leave for my appointment. Looking forward to it!

Melody Gonser said...

I enjoy all you authors. Great writing and I am looking forward to the Jingle Bell Bash.

Melody Gonser said...

I have not been receiving my newsletter.

mary kennedy said...

Hi Melody glad you are coming to the Jingle Bell Bash. Not sure about the newsletter, will check, thanks so much for stopping by!

mary kennedy said...

Hi Linda, either way, you will be with us in spirit! Hope you are enjoying the holidays.