Sunday, December 14, 2014

Even Virtual Parties Can Be Fun

by Leann

This past week the Cozy Chicks hosted a virtual Christmas party online and I have to say, it was one of best parties I've ever attended! Thanks to everyone who came. No one got drunk, it was quiet and happy, not crowded at all, and we got to know each other a lot better. It won't be the last time we do this now that we know how many people showed up. You guys came out in droves!

We did talk about favorite Christmas books, but most of it was just exchanging stories about the holidays--the ornaments, the food, the memories. There were pictures exchanged, a lot of fun was had. It was a celebration of each other with a much sharing and caring. Wouldn't it be great if every "live" party or gathering could be that way?

We did give things away, but I don't think that's why folks showed up to chat. I believe you, our readers and cyber friends, have come to know us as human beings who care, not just names on a book cover. That is something I am very grateful for. You have supported our books and for some of us, especially me, you have supported us through some tough times. My losing Marlowe was so hard, but the community of readers and authors on Facebook and here on the blog, made it easier to bear.

It's nice to know people care. It's good to know genuinely nice people. I can also say that I will be writing more cat books and that they will also ALL be on audio. (If they ever get the paperwork done!)

This is just a little thank you. I treasure the friendships I've made through my writing and through being one of the 8 Cozy Chicks.
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