Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Year of Joy and Sorrow

by Leann

2014 is closing down as I spend precious time in Washington with my family. We have laughed much, loved much and been grateful for time spent together. The busy airport and crowded plane are forgotten for now, that uncomfortable time erased by hugs and the sticky fingered love of grandchildren.

Our gift this year was our new home and I have never lived in a place where the outside can come inside and bring such happiness. It is a bright and beautiful spot surrounded by water and wildlife and a sense of calm.

My daughter and son traveled the country and ventured out to Europe. It is good to experience their happiness as well. They were the first of our family to stay in the new house at Thanksgiving and we were so lucky they came.

My son and daughter-in-law are discovering the world through the brilliant eyes of their  daughters--who bring such light to their lives along with the challenges of parenthood.

My husband and I are lucky to be surrounded by dear and generous friends in our new spot in South Carolina. Most of them we have known for decades and it is good to share this aging thing with those who understand.

My sister, her wonderful friend rescued Lizzie--who I swear is part Golden retriever--my nephews, my new great nieces and great nephew all have brought such light and joy that I can stop and think of Marlowe without tears. When there is grief, being surrounded by the love of all of you, as well as by my reader friends, by my blog sisters and now by family helps absorb the pain of loss. 2014 was a full year. A good and bad year. A slice of life year. Happy New Year to all of you who come and read my little tales of happiness or woe. It is all good.
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