Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Marooned on a island…love it or get me out of here!

In Geared for the Grave Evie Bloomfield wants to boost her chances for a promotion so she agrees to leave Chicago and head off to Mackinac Island to help her boss’ dad with his cycle shop.

Mackinac is a real island, an eight-mile chunk of land where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron. It’s truly beautiful, no cars,  horses and bikes and a twenty-minute ferry ride from the mainland. When the lakes freeze...or as the islanders call it the ice makes…there is no ferry, very limited plane service and if the ice is think enough snowmobiles are the way off the place.

So want do you think, could you live here year-round?

Without cars it’s so quiet and the whole island is a throwback to the 1800s with vintage baseball, parades for every occasion, the town gazebo, dressing for dinner at the Grand Hotel, high tea, horse drawn carriages with men in top hats and formal attire and did I mention no cars.

It’s waking up to the clip clop of horses’ hooves on cobblestone and often the whole island cocooned in dense fog with the foghorns moaning out in the harbor. You’ll be in the best shape of you life with having to walk everywhere and the sunset over the Mackinaw Bridge will always take your breath away.

This sound amazing to many of us and like hell on Earth to others. There is no mall! There is no Walmart or big box store of any sort, no free wifi except at Horn’s bar and the library.

 Often your cell phone won’t work and you’ll be hanging over the end of the pier to get reception for the so important phone call. There are only 500 permanent residents so things get a bit confining in the winter when the way to get around is your snowmobile. Your kids go to a school with sixty other kids, there is no Dollar Store and it’s reeeeeally cold.

So what do you think? Are you a island person or a big city? Personally I think I’d fit in perfectly on Mackinc Island. It’s a writer’s heaven and I’ve always wanted my own snowmobile.

Hugs,   Duffy Brown

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