Sunday, November 2, 2014

Living in My Car

by Leann

First off, I am not homeless. I have a wonderful new home that I adore. But yesterday, November 1st, was quite unusual. I knew a cold front was coming, but since I was alone while my husband was away on his annual hunting trip, I made sure to check the weather online and on TV. The forecast said snow in the high mountains of North Carolina (we are in western South Carolina) and the snow would probably only reach as far south as Asheville--and they would only get a "dusting."

Imagine my surprise when I awoke to a blizzard and there was already 2 inches
of snow on the ground. Heavy snow that would change to what they love to call a "wintry mix." I call it by its evil throwback name: sleet. This is SOUTH Carolina and I do not care for snow. A "dusting" is fine. But this? On November 1st? Do. Not. Like.

Then my husband came home from his trip with arip-roaring, sneezing, hacking cold. He hadn't been in the door more than thirty minutes when the power went out. I did learn this house stays cool in the summer but man, it gets cold fast in the WINTER. Yes. This is winter. If the weather people can call what we had a "wintry mix" then I can call November 1st winter.

My phone was low on juice and my beloved Syracuse Orange were playing. I was bummed. No computer, no phone, no TV. And did I mention my car wouldn't start on Thursday? So, I went out to show the sick husband what he would be dealing with in all his misery and low and behold, the car started. Sort of a pathetic start, but it was running. I grabbed my chips and
dip, cranked up the heat and settled back to listen to the game on satellite radio while my phone charged up. Nice, right?

Two hours later, the power came back on. No doubt wires and trees heavy with that darn ice and snow were the problem. It's nice to know I have a place to live when times get tough--and I have to say, it was better than that rent house we lived in for two years! :-)

Sunday morning the temperature is supposed to be 28 degrees. In weather forecaster language perhaps that means it will be about 60 and sunny. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.
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