Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fudge it all!

Mackinac Island consists of two main directions...up and down and with no cars and anything horse-drawn being kind of pricey that means if you live on the island for any stretch of time you’ll be in the best shape of your life from walking the hills or riding your bike because these are some hills!

And this is a really good thing so you can walk off all that fudge you can eat!

The town is mainly two streets, Main Street and Market Street. Main faces the water and the one street back is Market. There are the usual tourist shops of t-shirt etc but the one thing that will capture your attention right away is that there are 18...yes 18!...fudge shops in town. Ryba’s, JoAnn’s, Murdocks, Mackinac get the picture

Inhale the mouthwatering aromas. Partake in the deliriously delicious confectioneries. Revel in the experience – your palate will think it won the lottery!
The Island doesn’t claim to have created fudge. But after one taste, you’ll agree that it was perfected here. The flavors are unworldly the taste to die for.

The tourist center says…Born in the years following the Civil War, the tradition of fudge making is stronger than ever and fudge remains the Island’s most popular and tastiest souvenir.  
I think they sell TEN tons of the stuff a year. That is a LOT of fudge. And of course there are a bazillion kinds of fudge...
A typical story of fudge on the island is Sara Murdick. The gal sure knew her way around a kitchen, there’s no doubt about that. After arriving to the United States from Germany in the 1800s, Sara and her family eventually opened a confectionery in southeast Michigan.

In addition to a perfect recipe, the art of fudge making also plays an important role on the island besides eating can watch it being made and there is actually a Fudge Festival every year. Holy cow! Nothing better than a fudge festival!

All the fudge shops have big windows where you can watch men…usually it is the guys doing the this ‘cuse tossing fudge is hefty work. They throw big kettles of fudge onto big marble tables then use a thing that looks like a canoe paddle to flip the fudge up onto itself creating a loaf of fudge as they toss in nuts and
chocolate bits and bits of maple and toffee and cookie and peppermint etc…you get the picture on to the loaf as they flip it over and over and over as it cools.

Sooooo, after all this talk about fudge, what is your favorite? Chocolate-chocolate, maple, Oreo, lavender (yep, it really tastes like lavender) peanut butter, pumpkin pie, turtle, raspberry, blueberry (it’s really blue!)

Happy eating!

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