Sunday, November 16, 2014


by Leann

I am the catsitter for my two grandkitties while my daughter and son-in-law vacation in Ireland. Ireland sounds pretty good to me right now! Maybe I could join them and leave my husband here to manage. And there's a lot to manange.

Their cats are seniors and one of them, Simone, was rescued from a
neighborhood where my critique group met in Texas. He has some BIG health issues. He was rescued, by the way, because he had been declawed, neutered and was infested with fleas--and probably abandoned. My friend found him, I took him and my daughter and son-in-law fell in love with him. They adore him and he has quite the personality. Definitely a top cat.

Their other cat, Minou, is a pretty gray shorthair domestic and though Wexford is shy, she puts him to shame. She hid for almost an entire day the second day she was here. We were afraid she'd somehow gotten outside, though we didn't know how. But, we found her sleeping in a closet, well camouflaged by hanging clothes. She now appears to eat every now and then, but that's all we see of her.

My Marlowe and Simone are both
special needs cats. Simone, who has a heart condition, takes 3 meds, and Marlowe takes his seizure medicine twice a day. They both need to be watched for symptoms throughout the day. Minou has had allergy problems, so she is on medicine and ear ointment. Every one of them except my Wexford is on a special and
DIFFERENT diet. I love cats and it's a good thing I do!

And then there's my husband, who insists no cat will be on the kitchen counters. (Really? Does he KNOW what a challenge that is with 4 cats???) And of course Rosie, the dog, will eat anything that halfway smells like food, so it takes plenty of my time to make sure all the kitties get what they need to eat before she scarfs it up. So far, I have done okay except for Allergic Cat. It's hard to give her medicine when I CAN'T FIND HER!

But I must say, it is a joy to be surrounded by cats and to hear Marlowe growl and hiss--this, the cat who NEVER makes any noise. (Sorry, little guy. They all know you're a paper tiger.) I will be happy to be off medicine and special diet duty next week but when they go home, I'm sure gonna miss them. Okay, maybe not the one I can never find.

So that's what's going on in my neck of the woods. Ever done any cat-sitting before? If not, after hearing all this, would you risk it?
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