Saturday, October 4, 2014


by Mary Kennedy
Part two of the Kennedy Cats. Since I have 8 cats, I couldn't fit them all on one blog. If you didn't read Part One, last Saturday, Kennedy Cats part one Oliver, Henry, Clyde and Calpurnia will be wildly disappointed. So please go there right now or I'll never hear the end of it. Cats can be divas, you know. They all want their moment in the sun. Okay, are you all caught up?

Let's start with today's 4 cats. Pictured above is Eliza, a little tuxedo cat. She's a highly resilient cat and she is (or was, their romance has cooled a little) Clyde's girlfriend. Clyde is a beat up orange and white Tom cat I was feeding. For some reason, I could never persuade him to come inside.
And then everything changed.
One night Clyde brought his pregnant girlfriend (Eliza) to my house for dinner. (He was too cheap to take her to Red Robin.) It was bitterly cold and he stood by and guarded her while she ate; he didn't eat a bite of food himself. I managed to lure Eliza onto the sun porch and she gave birth to five kittens two days later. (Five kittens--the gift that keeps on giving.)
Meanwhile Clyde continued to be on the prowl, but I eventually trapped him and now he is a happy house cat. He has the run of the house but he adores the sun porch and spends hours out there watching the birds and squirrels;  relaxing and happy to be an indoor cat. He loves to be pet and be brushed, but I'm the only one who can get close to him. The sun porch is heated and air conditioned and it is cat heaven.
Like many semi-feral cats, I seem to be the only person Clyde has bonded with. I'm sure he was a housecat at one time, but I think someone dumped him and he's had a rough life. When cats are forced to live on their own like that, they often acquire "feral ways" and become mistrustful of humans.
Fur-Face, (her real name is Felicia) is an adorable calico and one of Eliza and Clyde's five kittens.

She's the kitty on the far right. She was the feistiest of the kittens, and still is first in line at chow time. (In case you're wondering what happened to the other four kittens, I found wonderful homes for them.)

Shadow had a sad history. I found him curled up in the rain, weak and emaciated, hiding under a bush in the garden. He was starving, missing half his fur and immediately wolfed down two cans of cat food. He looks quite handsome with his lion cut for summer and has such a sweet personality.

So now you've gotten a look at the 8 Kennedy cats and we'll kick off a contest this week and another one at the end of the month. I'll be giving away fun prizes for humans (a large box of chocolate pretzels, a very nice tote bag that folds into a clutch) and oodles of cat toys! (including something called "catnip candy mice" that sound a little strange, but I assure you, they exist.) They're made of compressed catnip.
So stay tuned, and I promise to get the contest up and running this week. It will be easy to enter, all you have to do will be leave a comment, send me a message with your name and e-mail addy. More later from the Kennedy Cats and The Cozy Chicks!!
Mary Kennedy
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