Thursday, October 16, 2014

The gift of a golden day

We are in mid-October.  The weather is one degree off an all-time high for this date in our part of the world. There is still some brilliant red and orange foliage in our vicinity. Golden leaves are drifting from our black walnut trees to the ground, but the air is warm enough for a lunch outside and a pleasant walk. The last morning glory has vanished, but there’s a stubborn rose to make us smile.

The squirrels are in a joyous frenzy. The dogs are caught up in that too.  Someday, they’ll learn to climb trees too. They are convinced of it. In the meantime, they are enjoying a walk through crunchy leaves in the neighborhood.

Our summer clothing has all been backed away, but this afternoon, there’s no hint of cold winds, naked trees to come, or snow.  It’s a wonderful gift and one of those surprising moments that makes me realize how lucky I am to be a writer working in my own home. In the days before I was able to work at home bumping off the unwary for fun and occasional profit, I had quite interesting jobs in libraries, government departments and associations. I was always glad to go to work, except on these rare golden days in the fall.  It was the only time I ached to be free to simply mouse around outside, free of schedules, meetings and indoor traps. 

Spotted on our walk - too neat to be ours!

Now I have deadlines, commitments, much to keep me busy, but on this golden day, I can take some ‘required reading’ for the book I’m working on and peruse it outside. A stroll around the block with three little dogs will be just the ticket to free up my mind to get over a sticky plot situation.  

Today is the best sort of day to be a writer. I’ve been feeling flashes of happiness.  And if I have to work at nine o’clock tonight, well, that will be a small price to pay.  We know we'll be raking leaves again this week, but for today, it's time to relax. 

What about you? What kind of day brings you happiness?  Are there some when you simply have to step outside to experience what the world has to offer?   Let’s hear it!


Marina Sofia said...

Beautiful weather - made for enjoyment!

Mary Jane Maffini said...

Exactly, Marina Sofia. To be enjoyed while it lasts. This morning it's dark and raining. I will have to work at that.



Diane said...

I love to walk on a crisp Fall day. Not cold! But a realk Fall day. I like the cool weather with the sun out and a slight wind. I seem to feel more alive than on a warm day.

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Fantastic photos, MJ! Sadly it is dark and rainy here in the northeast, but hoping tomorrow will be a sunny day with wonderful Fall foliage.

Kate Collins said...

Sometimes we get only Golden Moments, but aren't they priceless! They recharge my energy and give me a sense of peace. Nice blog, MJ.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics! Should see sun, again, here in Richmond, VA, today...thank God! :)

Mary Jane Maffini said...

I agree, Diane! There's much more energy in that cooler, breezy day.

Thanks for coming by!



Mary Jane Maffini said...

I hope you get a gorgeous sunny day, Mary. It's dark and dreary here today with rain. The leaves are taking a beating. Good luck for great weekend weather.



Mary Jane Maffini said...

I hope your sun shows up, Patricia! Enjoy the weather and I hope you get a chance to read a bit too.



Mary Jane Maffini said...

Thanks, Kate! I have enjoyed many golden moments reading your blog posts. You're right - we need to seize the moments and recharge.



Unknown said...

It's a little Morticia, but I would have to say waking early to a good, cool breeze (usually late October/early November for us in south Texas) and seeing the sky overcast in a slight grey with the soft taps of rain on the window. For some reason, seeing the trees gently sway at the push of the window and hearing the howl through the branches always makes me smile. The added soft rain taps are an added bonus. Days like that make my heart smile so much.