Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Remember Your First Bike!

 Geared for the Grave is about Evie Bloomfield talking over running a bike shop on Mackinac Island. I love bikes. For me it was the first taste of real freedom 

To say my parents were frugal is the understatement of the century. They kept things forever, till it wore out and then they found a use for it as something else. This explains the baby changing-table turned into a TV stand, the stained Christmas tablecloth as a tree skirt and that my brother rode a girl’s bike so when he got too big for it, it got passed down to me.

Before you start feeling all teary-eyes for brother dear when he got the next size bike it was boy’s bike and that got passed down to me! We were definitely a no-frills kind of family.
My cousin had a new red bike...a girl’s bike with a basket that had flowers on it! And I had brother’s blue bike with the ugly bar across the middle. I hated that bar! This was also my fist encounter of bike envy.

The thing is...boy’s bike or girls...I still remember the day I had wheels! I could go places on my very own. This was my first taste of real freedom. I had control over something without having an adult peering over my shoulder.
I remember well that first bike trip to the little town where I could get a forbidden Coke and candy bar and pass it off as a trip to the library. Not that it was a lie I did go to library I just stopped for the treats before!

And the thing is this feeling of freedom still comes when I ride a bike. Okay, I have a car but there’s something about the openness of a bike, the no need for gas and that the way you get somewhere is under your own steam. I now have a girl’s old one I got thirty-years ago but the basket is new. Fact is, I got the basket when I went biking on Mackinac Island with my daughter.

Mackinac Island is made for biking! With no cars it’s the best biking ever. You are king...or queen...on a bike on Mackinac because you are the fastest thing around. There are no cars and no matter how show you are, you’re faster than the horses!

In Geared for the Grave Evie Bloomfield takes over the failing bicycle shop though she’s from Chicago and never ridden a bike. She also tries to find a killer though she can’t find her keys in her purse.

So what about you? Did you have a bike growing up? What kind was it? Fond memories? Do you ride a bike now? Let me know about you and your bike and I’ll give away three Geared for the Grave totes.

Happy peddling.
Hugs, Duffy

Geared for the Grave
First book in Cycle Path mysteries
December 2
Berkley Prime Crime

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