Sunday, October 5, 2014

Me And The Fish

by Leann

Saturday in South Carolina was probably the prettiest day I can remember in years. A little north wind and lots of sunshine. Now that we finally have a lawn--and it's a beautiful lawn--the birds are returning, the no-seeum bugs that
love sandy soil have retreated and I can walk down the slope of our backyard to the edge of the lake.

The birds right now are mostly blue birds, and we never saw them in south Texas. So pretty! I can watch birds for hours and so can my cats. Wexford chatters away when they perch on the railing of our deck and smarty-pants Rosie the dog knows what the chattering means so she joins Wexford. We are doing human and cat things again and it feels wonderful. I haven't breathed such clean air in years and I know this will improve my health over time.

Today, after the husband didn't want me to lure the ducks or the geese to shore because they're "messy," I was a little bummed. Funny how the messiest person I know is concerned about this, but that's another blog. I do get to see this big old
heron everyday, but I wanted more! So I took out a loaf of bread, crouched by the shore and started feeding the school of little fish that gather there. I actually went outside 3 times today because it's so quiet and pretty. On the last trip I saw a big turtle swimming by because the water is that clear. I was filled with a happiness I haven't enjoyed in a long time.

Me and the fish and the birds and no doubt the deer that will eat our plants (and drive my husband crazy) are back together again. I used to spend a lot of time fishing and just wandering in the woods near our house when I was kid. We had pheasants, deer, foxes, all kinds of animals. I wanted to see them up close. Being with the animals takes me to a place where being alone is absolutely fine--because I am not alone. I am surrounded by good. As awful as the rent house was, this home is better by thousands and was well worth the wait. Me and the fish will be meeting up everyday, I believe. Yup. Peaceful thoughts are great.

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