Thursday, October 30, 2014


Submitted furfully by Mary Jane Maffini aka Victoria Abbott

With only one more day left in Universal Cat Month and I thought I could sneak in a bit about dogs: in this case my dachshunds who are very catlike in their behavior. They cuddle. They like to lie on the sun. They take over the bed.  The usual.  Depending on what's going on, they might want you to think they were cats. 

If it wasn’t Halloween tomorrow, I could wait for this but we’ve been to a dachshund costume party. If you can’t post about this week, what can you do?


There’s something about forty-four dachshunds all in costumes that makes you forget everything else. Think chaos.  Dachshunds might be short but they’re very fast and lively.  Hey! Is that the real Superman.  I think it might be. 

They were all moving so fast, it was almost impossible to get pix of all of them.  A ‘class shot’ is out of the question. But we did get some of a very shortlegged Dracula. Did you know that Dracula barks?   

Aside from the banana  ...

.... there was a very speedy bride (that dress had quite a workout) and her groom (too fast to capture). They did get first prize.  

Here's our beautiful friend Coco making a very fetching and convincing pink rabbit.

And tiny ten-pound Gogo made a great vet, although her hat did fall off.

My own little jesters had fun and wagged tails, but every now and then they took refuge under a chair. Until someone offered them a treat, which was quite often.  So much for the dachshund diet (not going well at all).

Does this jester costume make my butt look fat?

Never mind. The event was great fun and I won a prize!  Thanks to the organizers. I'm excited about the next one.  I am often lucky that way.  But the luckiest part was being able to join other people who are also besotted by their dogs.
Lots of people don’t put clothes on dogs. Our dogs love outfits. Hats, not so much. Cameras? Not at all. But there’s often a treat if you look at the camera, sooooo ….
The pooches are ready for Halloween:

So are the granddogs:  Peachy (aka Walter) and Big Money, a two-pound Yorkie (or a Very Big Bee)  All ready for the big day.


The only thing I don’t like is that this day only rolls around once a year. And yes, I know we couldn’t do this with cats. 

What about you? Halloween? Or no? Costumes? Send pix! 
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