Monday, October 6, 2014

Grumpy Geese

by Kate Collins

I'm sitting at my desk working on a scene from my current mystery in progress, FLORIST GRUMP, (Nov. 20150) in which poor beleaguered Abby is under all kinds of stress (you'll have to read the next book to find out why). Because of factors beyond her control she's not getting enough rest or down time and with everything else going on in her life, she's a big grump.

My desk faces a corner with windows on both walls, giving me a panoramic view of a large pond. On that pond today are at least a hundred geese, honking, splashing, showing off by beating their wings, and generally distracting me. I could only capture a fraction of them with my iPad camera, but you get the picture. Literally, I hope. I also snapped a pic of a white egret contentedly fishing all by his lonesome. I relate to that.

What you can't see are several bad-tempered geese that I watch  in fascination. A group of them will be picking at things in the grass and suddenly one will put his head down, hiss, and charge another one, scaring him away. The puzzle is why. There isn't anything that's apparent in the other bird's behavior to cause it. So I'm guessing Mr. Grump simply got up on the wrong side of the nest.

It still leaves me wondering what would make a goose grumpy. The sun is shining, the weather is mild, the others are eating congenially . . . What's your problem, Bub?

I know people like that. They have everything going for them and yet they're grumpy. They scowl and make disparaging remarks for no apparent reason, just like the charging goose. They have a negative outlook that makes everyone around them miserable. Do you know people like that?

I try to get away from the grumpy geese when I meet them. Sometimes, however, it's impossible, and so I imagine a clear plastic bubble around me, a shield, if you will. I read once that when negative people send their negative energy towards a shield, it bounces back and makes them uncomfortable. I tried it and it worked. The person moved away.

Since my husband passed away, I've read a lot of books on spirituality and quantum theory, like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Abundance, and so on, and I understand that everything is energy. We vibrate with energy that depends on the kind of emotion we're experiencing at any given moment. And like a magnet, negative emotion pulls in more negative emotion. So I've made it a habit each morning to set my intention to be positive. My pep talk goes something like this: Today you're going to have a good day, and something unexpected will happen.  And it does. It might be little, but it'll make me smile.

I wonder if I can send a positive intention to the Mr. Grumps floating outside my window.

Have a positively great week.
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