Sunday, October 19, 2014

Forget Much?

by Leann

It's been one of those weeks and I am blaming it on the deadline stress. A book near completion but not quite there yet is about the worst thing for me. It messes with my brain. The plot's on my mind constantly as I try to bring all the mystery threads together to finish.

So what happens? I forget things.I lose things. I went to the doctor and had one thing I wanted to ask her about in particular. Never mentioned it. Didn't even realize I hadn't mentioned it until the next day. I have to travel quite a distance to get there and the drive takes a toll. I get fatigued and that only triples the non-thinking thing. And, I realized I'd lost my credit card--I assumed at the gas station--when I went to pay. Oy, what a pain! Called my husband, he cancelled it and then I got a call after I left the doctor's office that they found it in the bathroom. Great. Too late.

Then I got lost trying to find Whole Foods--I'd figure I would go there since it seemed fairly close to the doc's office. Then got lost again trying to find my way back to
the road that would take me home. GPS and Suri were NO help whatsoever. When I queried Suri with "Where is Whole Foods?" from the Trader Joes parking lot where GPS took me twice, she said, "You are very close." Thanks. I knew that. As I said, I found the store, but I drove around various parking lots before, bingo--I asked another human being. Next time I think I'll try that approach first.

Then, I hadn't taken my thyroid medicine because the doctor wanted to see what my lab values were without taking the med right before the test. Did I remember to take it when I got home? That would be no. And boy did THAT screw me up even more. I fell asleep on the couch sitting up at 8 o'clock. One of those drooling, neck crinking naps that doesn't do a body good. And then I couldn't sleep that night.

The following day was no better. I still couldn't think straight and though I remembered my medicine, I forgot Marlowe's seizure med until it was 4 hours late. That's not good but thank goodness he didn't seem bothered at all. He was fine, but I worried and watched him like a hawk all day.

I am recovering from being an idiot for several days but still not finished with The Book That Will Not End. But I'm close. Very close. As long as I don't have any more no good, very bad days. But just in case, I'm keeping the following list on my computer. I believe I need it.

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