Monday, October 27, 2014

8 Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens

by Kate Collins

If you didn't see my Facebook post, this bears repeating because it's a remarkable story about a heroic little calico cat and a heroic young man who is my son. What follows is his story with photos:

"This summer, I was feeding a very sweet, very malnourished stray cat for most of the summer. I named her Mabel.  She was skittish and refused to come inside, even when the temperature dropped. Then one day she stopped coming. Unfortunately, I'd made an appointment at the vet for the next day to see if I could get her adopted. Mabel had other plans. 

About a month later she showed up on my porch. I was outside enjoying the weather and there she was. But she looked different. I couldn’t tell how exactly, she had changed. Her shy disposition disappeared as she came into my apartment and had a look around. It was strange to see her again, but I was happy to know she was still alive. She ate herself silly, relaxed a bit, and took off again. These visits continued for about a week. Mabel would show up, come inside, investigate, eat and leave. 

Two months later I heard a loud cry from outside my window. It was six in the morning during a bad thunderstorm. I had decided to sleep with the windows open that night to hear the storm come in. When I heard the crying again I quickly dressed and went to the living room. I opened my sliding glass door and saw Mabel, soaking wet, meowing her heart out. 

Then behind her I saw the reason why. There was a very small kitten following her. She led the shivering kitten to my door and disappeared back into the storm. Thirty minutes later she came back, with another kitten. Every thirty minutes Mabel went back into the storm, until, one by one, she had led eight little four-week-old kittens to my door. 

So I sat there, drying off kittens, wondering what in the world I was going to do. In that moment when I stepped outside and I looked into that cat’s eyes, there was an exchange of information. She had successfully communicated to me that she needed help. And somehow, over the weeks and months that I had cared for her, she had come to know that I would. Mabel had struggled for hours to bring her kittens to safety, and I owed it to her to make sure they end up in a good loving home. 

All eight kittens are now healthy, dewormed, free of fleas and vet-approved. They immediately took to the litter box. At first they were shy, and could barely walk, but now they are all loving adorable kittens, climbing up my pant legs as I sit here typing. They are perfectly adoptable, and ready for a home. 

I would like to thank Kate Collins
 for allowing me the means and opportunity to take care of this little family of refugees. This is has been a great experience and there is no way I could have done it without her help. Thank you!"

Kate here. If you know anyone in the Indianapolis vicinity, please spread the word or post on your FB page. My son is determined not to  turn them over to a shelter but instead find homes for them and their brave little mother. 

Isn't this a remarkable story? I'm so proud of my son for taking 9 cats into his small apartment (and he has a rescue cat of his own.) 

Have you ever rescued an animal?

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