Saturday, September 6, 2014

With a Little Help from My Friends

by Mary Kennedy
I've always appreciated the Cozy Chicks, but never more than this week! What was special about this week? Well, besides the usual end-of-summer craziness (all the things we said we were going to do before September and somehow never accomplished), Tuesday was release day for Nightmares Can Be Murder, the first of the Dream Club Mysteries. My pal and fellow Cozy Chick, Mary Jane Maffini had her own release this week, too, The Wolfe Widow, writing as Victoria Abbott.                              
Launching a book is a little like sending a child out into the world. We've done our best, we hope everyone will love our little one but it's all out of our hands. The book has been carefully edited, the cover art has been chosen, and the final product wings its way into bookstores across the country and into the offerings of online vendors.
 My cats watched me as I carefully arranged my author copies into what I hoped was an attractive pyramid on the sun porch. (And I'm sure they were only trying to be helpful when they knocked it over and I had to start all over!)
It was wonderful to have Mary Jane, and all of the Cozy Chicks to worry with me, laugh with me, commiserate with me and to know that they had their fingers crossed for me. Always!
And it certainly helped to hear from our dear reader friends who wrote encouraging notes, told me they loved the adventures of Taylor and Ali, that they wished they could find a dream club (or even form one of their own.)
I made a few promises this week. I promised that there would be two more books (at least!) in the series and that I would always be on hand to answer "dream questions." I have to admit, some of the questions stumped me, but I enjoyed tackling them and will continue to do so. So, please, feel free to keep 'em coming!
Thanks for making this a great launch and happy reading and sweet dreams to everyone.
Mary Kennedy


Mary Jane Maffini said...

I was thrilled to launch with you, Mary. I can't wait to read Nightmares. XOXO


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Thanks so much, MJ. I was thrilled to The Wolfe Widow right next to Nightmares Can be Murder on the Mass Market new release Tower in B and N. I have to go back and take a picture.

Unknown said...

I imagine it would be nerve wracking to put out something that you worked so hard on and have to wait to see how it does. But based on the reviews I've seen, and the parts of the book that I have read so far, you should be really proud of how the book is doing. I love when the first of a new series comes out and I really enjoy it - it means that I can look forward to even more enjoyment as new installments emerge. But I'm sure it really does help to be a part of a wonderful group like the Cozy Chicks, who are so wonderful about supporting and promoting books for fellow authors. Now the next thing I'm waiting for is to have Nightmares Can be Murder and The Wolfe Widow come out in audio (hint, hint)