Thursday, September 4, 2014

With friends like these …

As you probably know, this week The Wolfe Widow, the third in our book collector series, was released into the world.  At the same time, Nightmares Can Be Murder--the first in a new series from my fellow Cozy Chick Mary Kennedy--hit the shelves. 

The release of a book spells the end of about a year’s work and months of promo and planning. It’s all a bit heart-stopping.  But what is heartwarming is the support from our women friends in the genre. 

Friends know how to celebrate your successes. 

The Cozy Chicks, as you know, are the best book buddies in the world.  They are brilliant and energetic. So it felt wonderful to feel their friendship and hear the good wishes on the run up to the big day: happy release day messages, Facebook posts, Tweets, personal notes and so much more. The Chicks told the world.   In fact, some of you took notice of this:  thanks, Lynda Turpin for your comments!  And thanks to all  The Chicks!

This might be surprising because, as you know, our business is murder. Or is it?  

Well, actually, as cozy writers our business is solving murder and setting the world straight again. 

My friends are good at that. In our books, family and friends matter. They are a huge part of the storylines and the solutions.  As a cozy reader myself, I accept that the ongoing relationships are what I like best about mysteries (although I also love figuring out whodunnit).

Back to my point: there’s something about people who write mysteries:  they may each know 147 ways to kill someone, but they get it all out on the page. Those villains come in handy, because in real life, our cozy writers pleasant and positive, the ones you want on your side.  

All to say, I’m feeling lucky this week, because of them, and, of course, because of you readers. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Chicks, on friendships and on mysteries.  All and any!  Come on down.

Now, did anyone bring cupcakes?

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