Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Favorite Season

by Leann

There are many reasons I love autumn and it probably goes back to my
childhood. I loved school and returning to the comfort of learning and friends and even awful school lunches.

The weather suits me well, the new TV season begins and all the cliffhangers I have completely forgotten about will be resolved--and I will have trouble remembering how the characters got into their predicaments. There's college sports
again. I love college football and basketball and have been eagerly following my favorite teams--who are all off to a great start.

The leaves here in South Carolina turn and in NY I always enjoyed the richness of the fall landscape. In South Texas we didn't have the pleasure, but now I feel lucky I can look forward to vibrant golds and reds along the rural roads. Peaches at the roadside stands are replaced by apples. Right now honey crisps are in but next? I'm not sure.

But most of all it's the food. Pumpkin comes to mind first, perhaps because I had
my first (and it won't be my last) Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. Absolutely the best blizzard ever. I could eat pumpkin-something every day and never get tired of it. I've been pinning all sorts of recipes on Pinterest now that I actually have a decent oven and stove. Cooking has become a joy again rather than a terrible challenge. I have counter space and working appliances!

The first cold snap will have me pulling out the chili
powder and cumin to make chili. And the bread machine will get get some action and ... okay. I'm hungry now. A few of my favorite recipes are in the Cozy Chicks Kitchen. Do you have your copy? But I will digging through boxes looking for my other cookbooks, too. I am a collector and I have missed those books these last two years.

What do you love best about fall? Or is there another season you prefer?
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