Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's Time!

by Leann

Many of you may know I am a TV junkie. Crime dramas, of course. Always crime shows or singing competitions. Throw in So You Think You Can Dance and I am in heaven. The new season is upon us and tonight I am looking forward to The
Good Wife. I have watched every episode since the beginning and think the acting and writing is superb. I wasn't too thrilled with the "surprise" last year since Josh Charles is one of my favorite actors, but that's the way it goes in show business. They come and they go--and they don't ask us whether it's okay!

I did catch the pilot for the new show The Mysteries of Laura and found it entertaining but this past summer the best "funny" cop show for me was Taxi Brooklyn. Just a great show that I hope will return since it ended with a ginormous cliff hanger.

What I am looking forward to in the next couple weeks? Castle of course! What happened to him? Will they get married? I rarely remember the ending from a show last season and appreciate the "recaps," but I remember that ending very clearly. It's been a long summer, Mr. Castle, and you better be okay or they'll have to rename the show.

The Blacklist (adore James Spader) is another favorite and right before it, The
Voice. For me, there isn't a competition show besides the aforementioned SYTYCD that even comes close to being so much fun. Funny, intelligent and filled with talent. Love it!

Elementary, Person of Interest, all the NCIS's, Criminal Minds, Bones ... as you can tell if there's even a hint of mystery I'll watch it. I am also looking forward to a couple new shows: How to Get Away With Murder and Scorpion. Some of you may remember a very intelligent crime show a few years back called Numbers. I'm hoping Scorpion is along those lines.

I've missed a few, I know. I've been madly setting up my DVR to record many of these since I am on deadline and television is a huge way for me to procrastinate. But I try to use it now as a reward. "Leann, if you write this many pages, you can watch this show." Yes, I do bargain with myself! I just like to be told stories as well as write them. That seems normal for a book lover, right?

What about you? Any shows you're looking forward to this season? And how do you think the whole Castle thing will work out?
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