Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Festival Time!

It’s fall and it’s festival least it is here in Cincy. Around here when the temperatures drop, humidity subsides...finally...folks leave the comforts of home and AC and venture into the wilds of Fall Festival Time.

I love fall festivals! Time to pick apples, watch the local farmers press apple cider, buy homemade crafts, spruce up the house with mums you get at the roadside stand and maybe corn stalks.
Some of my fav Fall Festivals here in Cincy are…

The Country Pumpkins Farm festival. I live in the burbs so going out to the farms in the fall is always a special treat. Lord have mercy there really is such a thing as a pumpkin patch, and popcorn does actually grow on a cob and
apples grow on trees and if I’m lucky I’ll get to bottle-feed the new calf and ride on the hay wagon. Once I even got to drive a tractor!!

Then there’s the Cincinnati Chocolate Festival where we can taste all things chocolate and learn to make all things chocolate. It’s my chocolate fix for the year. Yummm.

Of course there’s the traditional October Fest with all things beer. We have Pumpking beer...yeah it really is called pumpking. Pumpkin spice ale, apple spice ale, apple get the picture. And they have those incredible big pretzels and brats and Mets smoking on the grill. The smells of America, nothing better.

And there’s the Old Timers Day Festival with lots of banjo and guitar playing and you can even taste White Lightning...that’s

booze right from the backyard still. But you gotta know who to ask and they call it white lightning for a reason. Holy cow!

There’s even Skunkfest for Skunk owners...I usually give that one a pass...and Strut Your Mutt...where you dress up your pup for Halloween...and The Buttercream Festival...hard to top that one.

But my absolutely fav festival is the Sauerkraut Festival where everything is sauerkraut and I’m not just talking on a hotdog. There’s sauerkraut fudge, ice cream, cookies, cake, candy, coffee, name it. And it’s good. This festival is packed. They block off the town of Waynesville and all us sauerkraut loves descend for a day of delish.  

These are some of our regional festivals here in Cincy, so what are some of your festivals in your neck of the woods? Got a fav? I wanna hear all about it.

I’ll give away two Geared for the Grave totes from the answers. Check back to see if you are a winner.

Have fun!
Hugs, Duffy Brown

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