Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anyone Else Get Excited About a Grocery Store?

by Leann

For most of my adult life I have lived in a suburban area close to a large city. The second largest mall in the area was only fifteen minutes away. Shopping was not a problem. I had many choices and took advantage of them all.

When we moved to South Carolina, the nearest interstate is probably forty-five minutes away. We wanted it that way and I am grateful for the peace and beauty here. The air is clean and when the sky is blue, it is crystal clean blue. No pollution here.

That being said, I was missing a "nice" grocery store nearby that sells organic
food and great produce. This small city has fast food galore and K-mart and Walmart and a few local grocery chains. To buy the kind of food I need for my health, I had to drive to Greenville, more than an hour away. But a 2 hour round trip takes its toll on me. I get pretty fatigued.

Imagine my excitement when a brand new, BIG Publix opened in our town this
past week. I've already been there twice. I went  to get my hair cut this week and one of the stylists was talking about how the new store would be her "go to" place from now on. I'll be right there with her. Grocery shopping is something I enjoy, probably because I love cooking so much.

There is plenty to explore that I haven't yet seen--it's a big place and the crowds were a little much for me to handle. Both times I shopped, I left without an item on my list because I needed to get out. I am not a fan of crowds. But there's a lovely
wine section (even though I don't drink, it's still pretty), a bakery with pastries and fresh-baked bread, a salad bar, an Asian food bar, sushi galore (not for me), a deli and every kind of yogurt you can imagine. And of course they have organic chicken and grass fed beef. Now, that's what I'm talking about.

What about you? Do you enjoy a trip to store? I know plenty of people who don't like buying groceries--it's a chore worse than ironing for them. Oh wait. Some folks like ironing. I'm not on that list. But I'd head to Publix every day if my pocket book could handle it.
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