Saturday, August 9, 2014


by Mary Kennedy                       
It's week two and we're still dreaming, here at the Cozy Chicks. Today I'd like to answer a very common question on dreams. As always, my "interpretations" are purely unscientific and are intended for fun. After all, who doesn't like to analyze dreams? (Okay, a few readers have told me they never dream, but I'll save that for another blog.)
What does it mean if I dream about a beautiful house? I have the same dream over and over.        
Answer: The "House Dream" is actually a very common dream. The dreamer is delighted at the beauty and pristine quality of the house (whoever owns the dream house surely doesn't have 8 cats, as I do). The dreamer wanders through the rooms and they seem to stretch on forever. The "dream house" seems to be in the particular style that the dreamer favors in real life. It can be a lovely frame house in a rural setting
 or a Mediterranean villa.
The house is said to represent all the aspirations, the untapped potential of the dreamer. So it's a "happy dream," and delivers a sense of peace and serenity. Most people long to return to their "house" in subsequent dreams and some manage to do so.
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Mary Kennedy

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