Sunday, August 3, 2014

We're In!!

by Leann

Many of you have followed my long journey to move from the rent house (aka The 60s Motel From Hell) to the home we have been building on Lake Greenwood. I can now say we have moved! There were times I thought we'd never get here, but my Facebook friends and face-to-face friends and relatives have encouraged and supported me through this process--and I almost came through with my sanity intact. (My sanity might have been questionable before we decided to move.)

So I share with you the mess that is our home. Boxes are everywhere, I go hunting for one thing and usually find the thing I was looking for two hours ago, but now I feel no rush. This feels like it should here--like home.

I took this first picture when it was dark because I love the under-the-eaves LED lights we put in. We are so far from the road that I knew we needed a little extra illumination.

Here's my red front door, which I absolutely love. Red has always been one of my favorite colors. The leaded glass is beautiful and since the foyer opens right into our living room, it is truly a piece of art. Or it will be when we take all the stickers off the doors and windows.

Our fireplace is nowhere near done. It's a corner piece and is gas. We haven't yet decided about the mantel and the surround tile. We've had plenty of woodburning fireplaces and it's time to stop cleaning out the mess. I am weary of that!

My kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling and since I have quite a few fragile family pieces and china, I made the uppers glass and had LED lights put inside as well as LED under the counter. It's very pretty at night. Remember not to look at the mess, but what's beyond the mess. There is also a lovely red built-in corner cabinet right off the kitchen area.

This is the guest bathroom--it's gray, cream and beige and I went with a blue accent tile and will have blue and gray towels and accessories one day. One day.

Across from there is my "office"/craft room. Pardon the big TV but we don't have the correct sized entertainment center yet. That's in the future. The room is pink. Another of my favorite colors and designed to make my husband NEVER want to enter.

My laundry room has a nice window and is home to all things belonging to pets as well as cleaning supplies. Getting the cleaning supplies out of the kitchen was a goal I achieved. Lots of cabinets and a big closet in here.

The master bathroom is dark brown, light brown and cream. Because of my Lyme and fibromyalgia, we did an aerated tub. I find a Jacuzzi a little too rough on my muscles. This is a wonderful option for the pain. Very gentle and soothing.

And last but best are a couple views of the lake taken from our living room. There are big oaks and lots of critters--like the heron who spends his day very close to shore to fish and who gets very annoyed when we let the dog out. He may show up with a "do not disturb" sign around his neck in the future.

Thanks to all of you who have endured this journey with me. I hope to have "pretty house" pictures in the future, but for now, this is gorgeous to me! I cannot believe I have a book coming out this coming week, too. It's all good.

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