Thursday, August 14, 2014

Is this the weirdest anniversary gift ever?

Many many moons  ago, I married this cute little Italian guy (seen here with marriage certificate).

 We were way too young, the first of our friends to marry --  and still finishing our education -- so it shouldn't have worked. But, despite all the odds we are still together, still making jokes and having the kind of fiery ‘discussions’ you might expect from a girl with Irish genes and the only son in an Italian family.  There’s been lots of good stuff, especially our daughters Virginia and Victoria, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, inlaws and outlaws.  (Most of you know that Victoria and I write the book collector mysteries as Victoria Abbott!)

So, it’s our anniversary this week.  As we’ve had garden projects lately and didn’t want to give ourselves any more rocks, gravel or mulch, I decided it was the garden gnome anniversary.  We have never had a garden gnome.  We have never even wanted one, but then I spotted this silly little charmer while getting a birthday gift for a friend.   

Two months later, there he was, lonely, unclaimed and half-price.  I thought my hubby would be amused at this gift.  But, then maybe he wouldn’t be. 

He SAYS he is. 
The gnome is home with us now, but it’s been raining buckets, so we hesitate to leave him outside.  The Hubster just said “I think he might be an indoor gnome.” 

The question is: where’s the best place for him?   On the sofa with the princess dachshunds?

Hiding on the table with plants?

Or liberated outside, say with the morning glories?
Offer a comment or a suggestion about the best place for the gnome or tell us about the most ridiculous thing you ever bought for a birthday or anniversary.  Don’t be shy!  You could win a Pug in a Mug (garden gnome not included!) to mark the coming release of The Wolfe Widow, our third book collector mystery.   

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