Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I sat behind you in English Class

Here we go, it’s high school reunions time when we hear the call of days past and feel the need to revisit out teen least some feel that way.  

Maybe we want to go back because high school was a time when much that is good and bad about our identities is forged or better or worse.  If you ever thought of yourself as a jock, Valley girl, or math geek you probably first thought it in high school – probably because someone else called you it.  

Though, most of us have moved on from these identities to form longer lasting ones (e.g. mother, engineer, community activist) our high school identities hang around. I have a cousin who still has his library trophy award on the mantel. 
Reunions seem like a lose-lose proposition.  If you were a bit of an outcast the first time around, why in all that’s holy would you want to subject yourself to standing in a room full of people who made you feel that way.  If you were the prom king or star athlete, you probably aren’t anymore.
So then why do we go?  Maybe because it’s the same reason
why we would watch a Friends reunion show.  We know it wouldn’t be very good, but we still want to know how the story turned out.  All these people from high school were in the story of our lives when it was at its most intense…at least is seemed that way.  
None of us had any idea who we would be 25 years later (or even 5 years later), but now that that time has arrived we want to see how the stories played out. 
 Even when I’m watching a third rate movie on an airplane, I still want to see how it ends before they turn everything off at landing.
Also, I think I owed these people something. They made me better. Neither of my parents went to college and being a girl they didn’t think I needed to go either. But the kids I hung with in high school all had college plans so I wanted to go too. Peer pressure for the better.
So what about you? Are you in or out on high school reunions? Have you ever gone? Plan to go? Would not want to see those kids again for all the money in the world?

Let me know and I’ll give away two romance books from the answers.  
Hugs, Duffy 
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