Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I love a deal!

They say write what you know. I write the Consignment Shop mysteries and I work in a consignment shop The Snooty Fox here in Cincinnati. I’ve been there part-time for almost seventeen years. 

Don’t you love the name Snooty Fox! Fact is I named the Prissy Fox in my series after the Snooty Fox. The Prissy part seemed to fit Savannah. 

The Snoot as I call it, is an upscale consignment shop meaning we are not Goodwill or St. Vincent DePaul. Not that there is one thing wrong with shopping these places but the Snoot only takes clothes within a two year style period and gently worn. 
A consignment shop is the fun of wearing designer clothes on the cheap. I could never afford a Gucci handbag but I gotta tell you I love having one. I got mine for a hundred bucks. A hundred bucks you say is a ton of money...except I’ve used it for five summers and it’s still looks like it’s brand new. Now that’s a pretty good deal. 

Most of all I love bragging to my friends how much I paid for stuff. The conversation goes something like, “Oh, I just love your Kate Spade purse.” And my reply is, “I got it at the Snoot for forty bucks!” instead of the usual three-hundred and fifty! 

I got this cute table and chairs for the grandkids at the Snoot for $25. Love it. 

How many times have you bought something, wore it once, decided it wasn’t your color or didn’t fit the way you liked and you were stuck with it? Well, that’s where the Snoot comes in. You can sell your green plaid jacket that you just had to have but then decided you hated at the Snoot because there is a customer out there who will love that jacket. You won’t get what you paid for the jacket but it beats hanging in the back of your closet taking up space.

     Consignment shopping is a lot like solving a mystery. It’s all about the hunt for the perfect scarf, skirt or shoes. 

I think that’s why mystery and the Consignment: Murder series seemed like a perfect fit. Putting two of the things I like most together in a mystery series is a blast. I get to write about murder and mayhem for fun and profit and I get to find great deals on clothes and look good for next to nothing. Come visit me at the Snooty Fox and I’ll show you around. I know there’s a cute little Louis Vuitton bag out there with your name on it!

Tell me about the best deal you ever scored and I’ll draw two names for one of my romance books. Be sure to check back to see if you won.

Happy shopping.

Hugs, Duffy
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