Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Have You Ever Binged-Watched?

by Maggie Sefton

Have you ever binge-watched a TVseries of group of shows?  I have.
Actually, last year was the first time I did it.  My cable TV provider, Comcast, had a week of free, everything you want to watch one spring, and I binge-watched Showtime's super suspense, "Homeland."  Excellent times three.

Well, this year I did something different.  Since Comcast didn't offer a free week, I paid a small fee and binge-watched Season 1 and Season 2 of the Netflix produced series  "House of Cards."  As a lifelong Political Watcher who grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC,  I loved "House of Cards" like a duck loves water.  :)   Hey. . .it's my town.  DC was "downtown" for me.

Why didn't I simply sign up for Netflix and watch "House of Cards" that way?  The same reason I haven't subscribed to Showtime or HBO or other premium channels.  I don't want to incur a regular monthly expense for something I would only use occasionally.   I see movies in the cinema every weekend when I'm in Colorado.  Netflix is great for people who don't go out to the cinema often, so
they can't  see as many moviews as I do.  And, second. . . I prefer seeing movies on the big screen.  Call me old fashioned,  but  the little screen TV and worse, the computer screen significantly
affects my experience.

Next month, September, when I return to Colorado----I'm back "home" in Northern Virginia visiting family and friends----I'll catch up with Season 3 of "Homeland."  And eagerly await,
the upcoming seasons of both "Homeland"  and   "House of Cards."  

P.S.   Don't you just LOVE Keven Spacey in that role of Master Manipulator and Politician, Frank Underwood?   Have you watched either of these hit series?    
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