Monday, August 4, 2014

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - Part Deux

by Kate Collins

Remember my killer cherry tomatoes last year? The 3 tiny plants that took over half my garden?

They're ba-a-a-a-ck!

I don't know exactly what it is -- the perfect amount of sun, the wind off the pond, the moisture from the pond, the soil (clay) or what, but SOMETHING turns my teensy plants into GARGANTUANS.  Maybe it's a combination of all those things. Or maybe . . .

It's love. Yes, that has to be it. All that love I heap upon those plants as I water them, tend to them, stroke their little flowers, must do it.

But then why is the mint plant, or the oregano, staying so small? Do the plants have a secret agreement? Or are my tomatoes the bullies of the garden? Or the superheroes?

Whatever reason it is, as their lord and master, I'll accept them without judgment and let them be whatever they want to be.  I shall be magnanimous, and they shall flourish. As you can see from the second photo, the branches are reaching up onto the patio. Maybe they're headed for my door. Maybe they have plans for ME!

My neighbors are already putting in their orders. Last year I think I fed the entire block from my three little, er, giant plants. People were stopping by to take photos. I half expected to be listed as a tourist attraction in my small berg. Those plants produced well into November. Not even the first freeze killed them. And I still have rows of frozen cherry tomatoes in freezer bags in my big freezer.

Here's another anomaly. I tried to grow leaf lettuce last year in a pot (since the tomatoes wouldn't relinquish their space). Sadly, it didn't fair well. But this year, nestled in between the mint, oregano, and the GARGANTUAN tomatoes, leaf lettuce sprang up. Just one little plant, but I've been picking leaves from it for a month and it just keeps producing. Somehow one little seed floated over from my patio pot landed in the garden and came to life this year.

Maybe I should name my little slice of paradise  KATE COLLINS' MAGICAL MYSTICAL GARGEN.  Think I could charge an entry fee?

How doth your garden grow this year?

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