Monday, July 28, 2014


 by Kate Collins

I’m so happy I can eat butter again. And bacon.  And nuts. And avocados.  I missed them. A lot.

Like millions of others back in the 80s, I fell into the hype that butter was evil and switched to margarine. So what if it was all chemical-based? It wasn’t butter! It wasn’t that awful death wish that our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on ate for centuries! Same with nuts. And bacon. And fatty meat that came straight from the animals they raised on their farms (that weren’t given hormones, antibiotics, or genetically tinkered with corn.)

Now a slew of studies have debunked the butter and saturated fat myth, and I, for one, am REJOICING by making my eggs with butter again and eating bacon with it, (although I do buy a nitrite and hormone free variety.) These studies prove cardiovascular disease is NOT related to fat and cholesterol intake. Yay!!!

In her new book, The Big Fat Surprise journalist Nina Teicholz lists the flaws in the original Ancel Keys study that the myth was based upon; how saturated fat has been a healthy human staple for thousands of years, and how the low- or no-fat craze has resulted in excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, which has resulted in increased inflammation and disease.

If fat WAS the culprit, and thousands upon thousands  of us practically eliminated it from our diets, we should see LESS diabetes, LESS heart disease, and LESS other health issues than before. Right? Instead, we have them in epidemic levels.

And all along the true culprits have been sugar, chronic stress, toxins in the environment, and sleep deprivation. 

Another myth that has now been debunked is that cholesterol is bad. I always questioned this. Why would our bodies manufacture something bad for us? Now they are finding out that people have a higher risk for heart attacks and cancer by having their cholesterol levels too low. But that’s not what Big Pharma would have you believe.

Cholesterol is vital in building cell membranes, interacting with proteins inside cells, and helping regulate protein pathways required for cell signaling. Why would you want to do away with it?

And just as a body needs cholesterol, it also needs saturated fats for proper function. We evolved as hunter-gatherers and have eaten animal products for most of our existence. Why would they suddenly become harmful? (Well, except when the animals are kept in tiny cells, filled with hormones and antibiotics to make them larger, and given feed loaded with pesticides. )

So go forth and enjoy your butter again. And bacon. Seriously, who doesn’t love bacon? Just make sure you buy the healthy kinds. (For me, the extra I pay for organic butter and hormone-free bacon keeps me from having to pay a doctor later.) And as with anything we eat, moderation is the key.

Buttered popcorn anyone? Yum.
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