Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Animals are Restless!

by Leann

The stress of one move to South Carolina and now another out of the rent house has been difficult, but now that boxes are being removed from closets and bedrooms, it's taking a toll on my fur babies, too. For the kitties, I can see it in their eyes. Wexford is a scaredy cat anyway, so he tends to hide under the bed,
but even Marlowe is jumpy. And Marlowe is usually pretty darn laid back!

But poor Rosie, the hyper labradoodle. Oh my. She loves her daddy so much and when he drags out stuff and loads it in his truck, it usually means he's off on a trip to hunt or fish. Rosie doesn't like that one bit. This has been a tough place for her to live as it is. Dogs roam the streets during the day and bark every night all night. She's very hyper as it is and this latest household activity has amped her up big time. She watches every move my husband makes, follows him everywhere and races from door to window to door, hoping not to miss a move.

Sometimes we forget that our pets have emotions, too. When I was putting a few boxes in the car, Rosie sneaked out the door and planted herself in my backseat. so bad. I'm a big softie, but that couldn't happen. She is just too wound up to make the drive back and forth and then back and forth again. Her panting and barking in the house is bad enough, but in the car, it's a little distracting.
She wanted to go with me

The good news is, the kitties and Rosie will have a new home very soon, with lots of room to chase each other. The air is so fresh over at the new place--no must, no dust, no mold. And I know with all the windows where they can watch the squirrels and birds and bugs from lots of different places, they will be in pet heaven. It won't be long, I keep telling them. But they are just a tad on edge--and I don't blame them! My husband is, too! But me? I'm just happy.

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