Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tattoo…sexy or stupid?

I can still remember that phone call from daughter. Guess where I am!

There should be a law against any child anywhere ever starting a conversation with those four words. My son used them when he was in Vegas. Do you know how much trouble there is for a young guy to get into in Vegas! He did it again in New Orleans. Even more trouble there! Any wonder I am totally gray!

But I digress, we’re talking about my daughter and where the heck she was that she shouldn’t have been. This time it was the tattoo parlor...or whatever it’s called!

Sweet Jesus! She was getting a rose tattoo on her back. The back I washed and dried and powdered and put sun block on was now decorated with a tattoo. Would you like to know how nice that didn’t look with a beautiful wedding dress...but I digress again. Kids!

A lot of celebs have tatts. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Keith Urban and a ton of others. Some are so hot and others what the hell were they thinking!

Tattoos sometimes mark you as part of a club...or a gang. In Iced Chiffon the scum-sucking, no-good, low-rent but to die for handsome Walker Boone has a tatt, a 17. In his pubescent years  Walker Boone was part of the Seventeenth Street gang. Now he’s older, wiser and... well you can take the boy out of the hood but the other way around not so much.

What about the hero in your books? Should he or she have a tattoo? Do you find it sexy? And what about the heroine? Personally I love the hidden tatt where when making love there it is. A little extra zip to an already zippy situation.

Do you have a tatt? Where? Why? Ever want to get it off?

Weigh in on this and I’ll give away two of my romances from my other life as Dianne Castell. Remember to check back to see if you won a book. :-) 

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