Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Fun

howdy from Duffy Brown

Time to shop…at least window shop. It's summer and the living is easy with the wind in your hair, sun on your shoulders and radio blaring.

We all have our private open-air memories of THE convertible either the fun we had in one or the convertible we always dreamed of. Convertibles-r-us they are totally American — the unexcelled visibility, the sense of motion, and a warm sun after a long, cold winter are good for the soul.

So the question today is… Pick One! The one that you always wanted, the one that has the best memories, the one you can see yourself in right now this summer.

What about a trip to Italy? What about an Alfa Spider that
simply oozes Italian style…and if you’re lucky a hunky Italian driver. It doesn’t have the haughty social snub of a Ferrari but the fun of relaxing friends inviting you in for a romp in the country.

What about a blast from the past with Buick's post-World War II land yacht. The Roadmaster set the tone for an entire era in 1949 with its VentiPorts on the fenders and "observation car" curved windshield. Here’s a car as large and luxurious as a victorious America itself. Power windows and seats were standard.

My personal fav…’57 Chevy! Walker Boone has his ’57 red Chevy convertible in my Consignment shop mysteries. Wait till you see the cover for Demise in Denim. It has this car and Bruce Willis sitting shotgun. Love the tailfins that were the ID badge for the late ‘50s.

Camaro and Mustang owners fight like cats and dogs over who has the better car. I had a ’68 yellow Camaro with a black vinyl top. Holy cow! What a car!!! Not that was a fun drive proven by the fact that I got more than my share of speeding tickets.

The current Camaro has no direct link to my Camero but this new baby looks so darn hot!

Are you a "Route 66" fan? What about this fantastic vintage ‘Vet! where American wanderlust was V8-powered.

Are you Jaguar F-TYPE? What a fun ride!

If you’re into the backwoods,
you can’t beat a Jeep. Stripped to its skivvies, a topless, doorless, windshield-folded-down Wrangler is an amusement park ride, but even more fun.

Poster child of the modern affordable sports car is the ever-fun and darling Mazda Miata A small car, the Miata offers a cozy drive with just enough luggage space for weekending and it always gets the you go girl looks.

And then there’s the Volkswagen bus with Safari windows. This is about as cool as cool gets, and you have to admit a windshield that opens like a concession stand is really sweet

Or maybe you always wanted a VW Beetle! Who doesn’t look great in this little number!

Okay, it’s summer and you sooooo need a convertible. Pick one and I’ll give away two of my “old” romances that I wrote before I switched to writing cozy mysteries. They’re a little steamy…to go along with these hot rides. 

Have a fun summer! 
Hugs, Duffy Brown…who thinks she really needs a new white Mustang Convertible and the Beach Boys on the radio
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