Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Celebrations

by Maggie Sefton

I hope all of you had a fun and festive July 4th or a peaceful relaxing one----whatever you wanted.   Picnics and parties or lounging in a chaise lounge in your shady backyard, book face down on your chest.  :)

I celebrated this July 4th here in the Northern Neck of Virginia, just an hour and a half from the jam-packed Washington DC Beltway and a block from that wide, wide Potomac River.  The weather Friday through Sunday was fantastic.  My daughter Maria drove down from Arlington in Northern Virginia last Friday to celebrate the holiday with me.

Watching fireworks from the banks of the Potomac allowed us to see all the smaller celebrations going on across that wide river on the Maryland side-----as colorful explosions burst all along the Maryland shoreline as well as the Virginia side.  My dear friends from Vienna in Northern VA joined us that evening.  Friends make everything more fun.

Saturday, July 5th, turned out to be busier than the holiday as Maria and I were invited to two separate picnic parties, complete with waaaaaaay too much delicious food.  Naturally,  we managed to attend both and had a great time.   Maria even got to take a kayak out onto the calm Potomac with two neighbors.  Oh, yes-----this entire neighborhood along the river is populated by what I call  "Ex-Pats"  or  escapees from the DC Metro Area Madness.  And boy oh boy-----these folks love to party.   :)    

How did you celebrate Independence Day?   Peaceful and quiet or Parties?      


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

HI Maggie, it sounds like you had a lovely time!! Things were busy, all work and no play, etc etc. I'm afraid I'm becoming quite a dull girl as the saying goes. The fireworks sound wonderful!

Maggie Sefton said...

Mary----You have GOT to relax more, girl. Would love to have you visit the river house. I can give you quick directions via Maryland right to the bridge across the river. Easy, easy. :)