Tuesday, July 22, 2014


by Maggie Sefton

Kate's post last week really got me going.  At the end, Kate asked...."Amen?"
You betcha, Kate.  AMEN!!  A resounding Amen.  Since then, both Lorraine and Mary have also posted about writing and writers.

As someone who was "born" a storyteller, that drive to tell your stories is all-consuming at times.  We novelists will do without sleep to write, stay at home when others go out in order to get more words on paper, and will live in more reduced sitations in order to have time to capture those fascinating characters onto the page.

Driven?  You bet we are.   We have to be in order to keep writing our stories, even when our daily lives don't cooperate.   I remember telling people how I "created" writing time for myself years and years ago when our family was living in West Lafayette, Indiana, and we had all four kids at home and still in school.  I was trying to balance managing that busy family life with kids from high school to elementary.  There was simply no place during the day to squeeze out writing time, especially since I was also taking beginning classes in grad school.  But the characters in my story kept demanding to have their time on the page.   So-----I did the only thing I could.  I "created" extra time to write.

For a six month period, Three nights out of a week, I would make a small pot of espresso coffee at 10:00pm and drink all three demi-tasse cups of espresso.  That would ensure insomnia until about 2:00am or 3:00am.  Four hours of writing time.   Sound crazy?  Not if you're a novelist who's trying to find time to write.  I was young, healthy and strong and was able to easily live on those days of less sleep.  Plus, I was still doing my usual three-mile running routine every day.  I only did it for six months, long enough to get most of that big book onto the page.  And I was none the worse for wear, believe it or not.   :)

Would I do that now?   Heck, no.   But I still feel that same drive to write.  And lately, my historical characters have been antsy to get back on stage, so I'm finding time for them.  That's probably why Amanda Duncan and Devlin Burke walked onstage a few years ago  and demanded to be on the page. They're the two main characters who work together to solve the murders in the first of my Historical Mysteries-----SCANDALS, SECRETS, AND MURDER:  The Widow and the Rogue Mysteries.

Amanda and Devlin make a great team working together in 1890 Washington, DC.  You can read more about them on my website and see several Five Star reviews on Amazon.  The E-book is available on Amazon and BN.com.   Trade paperback copies are coming soon from Amazon.
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