Sunday, July 6, 2014

Just Peachy!

by Leann

When we lived in Texas, there were certain fruits I discovered that were the best ever. Sort of like when we visit the kids in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy their raspberries and blueberries. Yum! In Texas it was the
avocados, cantaloupe and grapefruit from the Rio Grande Valley. I have never tasted cantaloupe like what I had there--and though I cannot eat grapefruit, my husband was in love with those. You cannot get a better avocado than in Texas and the season is long.

The window for the other fruits was fairly narrow, however. Only a few weeks and they were gone. But here in South Carolina, the delicious peaches have begun to come in and the season lasts until early
September. I've made my first cobbler and once we are in the new house, I will make peach pie. If the raspberries are decent, peach melba pie will be on the menu.

There was a time I baked and cooked all
the time. My grandfather was a chef and my grandmother was a "baker," as it says on the census form from her decade. I have loved cooking since I was a kid and have plenty of family recipes. I grew up in New York, however, and though peaches did come in, they never tasted like they do here. So now, I have to find recipes for peaches--although the Bisquick cobbler I made yesterday is mostly gone. De-lish!

So, if you have some wonderful peach recipes, I'd love if you could share them! I need to take advantage of this long long  summer fruit season!

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