Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It’s all about fun!

Okay, it’s summer and hot and that means it’s time for amusement parks and blue ice cream and flying saucers and roller coasters and merry-go-rounds and things you eat on a stick. 

I’ve never been to Disney but we've taken vacations to Cedar Point here in Ohio and to King’s Island. So my question today is... What is your fav amusement park and what is your fav ride now or when you were a kid?

Are you a roller coaster person? Hands up, front car, screaming your head off. Or are you a stand on the ground screaming at your kids to hold on!

What about those rides that are not only roller coasters but flip you up-side down? I am so not an upside-down person!

What about those drop rides that take you up and up and up then cut the cord and you drop like rock. Personally a falling elevator has always been one of my nightmares.

Then we have the rides that go around and around. Like the tea cups at Disney. At Cedar Point they have this octopus ride that goes up and down and around. Not great after just eating a chili dog.

Are you a flying swings person? This is great on hot days so you can get cooled off.

Water rides are another great get-cooled-off ride but then you look a soaked mess for the rest of the day and really a bad idea if you are in a thin T-shirt. Oh Lordy!

Merry-go-rounds are one of my fav as King’s Island has vintage horses that are hand-painted and so lovely. My daughter worked this ride for a summer. Loved it and still hums Bicycle Built For Two when she’s bored...the calipee music does tend to stick in your head after a while.  

What about the dodgems? Where you drive a little cart and try and ram people. We have our own version of this on the interstate here in Cincy.

Personally my fav is the food. Not exactly a ride but I got a thing for blue ice cream and chilidogs and kettle corn and of course we all know that anything eaten at an amusement part is calorie-free.

Soooo what is your fav amusement park or state fair and what is your fav ride?

I’ll give away two of my romance books from the answers. Please check back to see if you are a winner.

Have a great summer! And most of all keep riding and have fun!!!!

Hugs, Duffy

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