Saturday, July 26, 2014


by Mary Kennedy
When I told my friends and colleagues about my new Penguin series, the Dream Club Mysteries, I was surprised at the outpouring of interest and support. Everyone, it seems, is fascinated by dreams, curious about their meaning and eager to discuss their potential significance.
As a psychologist, I have to tell you that my clients love to talk about their dreams. Are dreams really the "royal road to the unconscious" as Freud suggested? Can they give us new insights into our deepest thoughts and most hidden emotions? Or are they simply random firings of neurons as the brain rests and recharges itself, taking a few hours to deal with the "residue of the day."
My new Penguin-Random House series is about dream clubs. Their popularity is definitely on the rise, especially in the northeast. If you're not familiar with dream clubs, think of an ongoing support group with members who are passionate about their dreams. Members are carefully selected, the group agrees to at a particular time and date for a certain number of weeks. Everyone agrees to agrees strict confidentiality. After all, whether they're filled with sunshine or terror, dreams are personal stuff.
Would you ever be interested in forming a dream club with your friends? In Nightmares Can Be Murder, my dream club is composed of a group of Savannah women who meet once a week to analyze their dreams, eat some delicious pastries and solve a murder or two. They meet in an apartment above a vintage candy store called Oldies But Goodies and the living room is featured on the cover.                      

See the cat playing with the dreamcatcher in the bottom right of the cover? A sharp-eyed reader noticed the dreamcatcher was broken and asked if it was deliberate. Did the cat break it? Or did the cover designer portray it as "broken" to suggest that "nightmares" could slip through. As you know, the purpose of a dreamcatcher is let the "good dreams" through and trap the nightmares so they never disturb your sleep. The characters in the series have both "sweet dreams" and "bad dreams" and they often contain clues that help them with their murder investigation.
      I hope a lot of you are interested in dreams, because I'm running a giveaway all next month that should be lots of fun. The prizes will be "Sweet Dream Kits" that contain a dreamcatcher, along with cookies, tea and a signed ARC of Nightmares Can Be  Murder. Everything you need for a good night's sleep!                                                      
If you want to learn more about dreams right now (and can't wait for the Sept 2 release) you can buy the little 17 page guide shown above, "A Psychologist's Guide to Dream Interpretation." It's something I put up on Amazon for fun, it's 99 cents and ALL the proceeds go to the Wayne County Humane Society in Lyons, New York. If you read the dream guide, you'll know the answers to participate in the contest for the Sweet Dreams kits (and you'll be helping a wonderful organization.)
So stay tuned for a fun Sweet Dream giveaway during the whole month of August, and feel free to tell me your dreams!  Sweet dreams, everyone.
by Mary Kennedy
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