Sunday, July 27, 2014

Don't Text and Walk

by Leann

Since we are in the middle of moving, I am writing this blog early. Next weekend, if the internet is working (PUH-LEASE let it be working!), I will share pictures of our new home!

Today I am tackling a different subject. We all know how dangerous is can be to
text and drive--or even talk on the phone while navigating the highway. I'm certain you've been behind someone who is swerving, going too slow or paying no attention to traffic ahead. It's scary and I often like to guess if their erratic weaving is caused by cell phone behavior. When I get the courage to pass them, I am usually right.

But there's another danger out there--the danger of me saying something I shouldn't to a stranger. And who knows where that could lead? Hairpulling? Punching? Who knows? I am talking about people who almost walk. If you cannot pat your head and rub your belly, you should know that you cannot text and walk. Do one or the other. Please.

This happens most often in the mall or the grocery store. You're walking along and bam! You almost run into someone in front of you who has stopped dead because they are texting or reading a text. They are in a world of their own. You do not exist. In grocery aisles this can cause a back-up and even loud throat clearing has no impact. Most times, when they've sent or read their IMPORTANT text, they move on. Slowly, eyes focused on their phone and waiting for a reply.

This past week I was walking on a rather long narrow sidewalk that leads into my doctor's office. The woman in front of me was texting. A turtle would have won a race with her. But she was busy. And she took up the whole sidewalk. When we reached the front of the office, there were two doors. She slowly went to the right, so I took the left door, walked in and reached the sign in sheet before she did. All of sudden, she was refocused on her current reality--and not happy. I got the stink
eye as we both waited to see the doc, but guess what? Being considerate of others is something I value. Being inconsiderate of others has consequences. But somehow, I don't think she will ever understand.

Texting and walking might not kill you, but maybe parents need to add cell phone etiquette to the life skills they teach their kids. What about you? What are your pet peeves when it comes to people talking on their phones or glued to their phones EVERYWHERE?

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