Tuesday, June 10, 2014

YARN OVER MURDER---Kelly Flynn #12

by Maggie Sefton

Hey, hey!   This past week the 12th in my Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery series hit bookstores!

YARN OVER MURDER follows the dramatic and real life event in Northern Colorado in June 2012---the High Park Wildfire.  I've included actual details of how the fire started and grew then died down then flared up again with that dangerous wind.  Of course, a murder happens in the midst of all these dramatic events.  :)

I just returned earlier this evening (writing this on Monday evening) from a week Back East in Northern Virginia, my hometown area, across the Potomac from Washington, DC.  I spent a super hectic week visiting bookstores, Barnes & Nobles and others, in the NoVa/DC and suburban Maryland area.  Three non-stop days of that, then visiting my daughter and family, then------back to the book store visits!  This time, I visited bookstores in Fredericksburg, VA and Richmond, VA-----and then, I finally had the chance to escape down to the river house near the Potomac, east of Fredericksburg until you run into the Potomac.  :)

Peace and quiet and lovely weather cooperating.  Visiting with the great neighbors I've met.   Kate's post yesterday made me smile because that's EXACTLY what I do when I get to the river house:
RELAX.  :)  Just sitting with a mug of hot tea on the deck looking into the deep woods that surround everything.  Birds I knew from childhood singing and winging into my trees and bushes and across the road to the woods.  Deer moving through the trees.   Bald eages and hawks winging high in the air, then swooping into the tall trees-------peaceful.  I bet my blood pressure drops 20 points just sitting there.      

Do you have a favorite place to escape that relaxes you?

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